Fancy Dress For All Occasions

Fancy dress costumes are a great way to bring some extra fun to a gathering, whatever the occasion, even if it�s just because you feel like having a party. Having everyone in costume ensures that no ice will remain unbroken and gives the guests an instant conversation topic with people they�ve never met before.

Choosing a theme will help make the whole gathering look spectacular in all the guest�s Facebook albums the day after, and encourage the shyer participants to get involved. The theme should be broad enough that everyone won�t turn up in the same costume, and you should give some thought to what details you can add to the venue to bring it into line. A 70s fancy dress party, for instance, is an excellent choice of theme. It�s fun, bright, and allows guests to go as far as they like from a complete ABBA-style suit with flares and sequins to just a stick-on brushy moustache or a beehive wig. Accessorise the house with lava lamps and put some Hendrix on the stereo and you�re away.

Some other themes might be pirates, knights and damsels, cowboys and indians, cops and robbers, fairy tales, cartoons, or your favourite movie or television show. For something a little more sophisticated, a 1930s themed cocktail party gives everyone the chance to have some fun and show off their suave, elegant selves.

Shopping for a fancy dress party is half the fun. Finding a the perfect costume is easily done online- some retailers have hundreds of fancy dress costumes arranged by theme, so you won�t have to settle for one that doesn�t quite make the right statement or is in a colour that doesn�t suit you. Good ones like will also have a range of wigs, fake moustaches, hats, gloves, fake swords, and even stick-on eyelashes too.

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