The 70s was the greatest

The 70s was the greatest- or at least the most outrageous- fashion era since ruffled collars and bustles were in vogue. The styles are instantly recognisable and instantly evocative of free love, open air rock concerts, civil rights and more to the point, the freedom to wear whatever you want after decades of sombre suits and ‘nice’ respectable dresses for girls. The bright colours and flamboyant cuts draw attention. They’re all about confidence and fun.

As such, 70s fancy dress is a great option for Halloween, parties, and balls. For both men and women, a pair of wild flared trousers in the brightest material available is the starting point, followed by a matching top split to the navel for men (and for the more daring girls!). Risqué is the order of the day, and 70s fancy dress gives anyone the chance to go for something really sexy and out there without the risk of embarrassment. If you’ve ever wanted to wear those pants super-tight across the bum or show a touch more cleavage than polite society might like, the 70s is definitely the costume theme for you.

As ever, it’s the details that make the outfit. The decade was the great golden age of super-giant rainbow shades and bling that would make a modern R’n’B star blush. Give in to your inner magpie and grab as much shiny stuff as you can! Sunglasses, rings, and massive gold-ish pendants (for nestling in chest hair of course) can be picked up from online fancy dress costume shops for a few pounds.

And- this bit is really important- you’ve got to have the hair to match. The first rule is, the bigger the better. For those not blessed with naturally outrageous hair, pick up a groovy wig. Gentlemen will naturally want a good brushy stick on moustache to complete the ensemble.

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