Financial and environmental benefits of recycling mobile phones

It is a fact that the average UK citizen upgrades their mobile phone every 18 months.

Not everyone in the UK is aware that should they decide to sell mobile phone handsets for recycling they are responsible for making a positive difference to the environment.

It has been further estimated that every household in the UK has four old mobile phone handsets and each of these is worth upon average around £20 each. The number of unused mobile phones across the UK is collectively worth a staggering one billion pounds.

There are more reasons than ever for mobile phone recycling and apart from the cash advantages if everyone in the UK made a collective effort to sell mobile phones it would make a phenomenal difference in protecting the environment.

There are few people who know the manufacturing involved when producing mobile handsets is one of the most damaging for our environment. It is the use of dangerous chemicals for example, antimony and arsenic chemicals, with the process of cutting down African forests to mine the unique minerals required in manufacturing new handsets that would come as a shock to many people.

The most environmentally harmful part of the manufacturing process is the extraction of vital minerals mined from African forests that are impacting the environment and are an ever dangerous risk.

These days it is simple, quick and profitable to sell mobile phones to companies who deal with the recycling of mobile handsets.

There are generally around 1000 models now accepted in exchange for cash by phone recycling companies who clearly list a step by step process on their websites.

When it comes to saving the environment and putting cash in your pocket we, at Mazuma Mobile are the UK’s largest company recycling mobile phones for the best cash deals.

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