Act quickly and sell phones as soon as you upgrade your mobile

In the UK alone there are well over 20 million mobile handsets that are upgraded annually.

The environmental necessity to recycle mobiles is one that is increasing rapidly especially with the increase of new technology.

If you have already upgraded your mobile phone recently and still have an old handset lying unused in your home then you need to know that the longer you keep your unwanted handset the more it will decrease in value. If you leave your old mobile for too long it will lose its appeal and thus its value completely and become worthless to you.

When old mobile phones are neither useful nor worth any money as recycled items then they are normally thrown away and end up being added to the ever growing landfill areas. The problem is when it comes to the environment, mobile phones are full of harmful chemicals and when they are disposed of in a haphazard fashion they can leak harmful minerals into the atmosphere.

Companies that provide online recycle mobile services provide the ability for a person to see the value of their old handset. Once a person has decided they wish to use mobile phone recycling services they are sent a pre-paid, addressed bag for sending in their handsets. In most cases people will receive cash for their mobile phone within 48 hours.

We at Mazuma Mobile know that recycling redundant mobile phones through our purchase, collection and recycle process is providing a vital service for protecting our environment. We use your old mobile handsets in developing countries such as Africa, India and Pakistan where they are put to good use in making improvements in communication for the economies of developing countries.

Not only this, but you receive some of the best cash deals on the market in exchange for selling mobile phones.

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