FMCG and the importance of supple chain.

The fmcg products need a powerful supply chain in order to attain a high number of sales. These products are heavily advertised and they are promoted using all the available advertisement means and they rely on the supple chain. Every one uses Fmcg products and they are consumed over a very short period. This means that the end consumer needs to have the product available at the very next store or shop to him. If the supply is not right, the fmcg product will lose its customers and any other similar product will replace it.

The important thing that the manufacturers need to implement is the consistent supply. The fmcg industry can not survive if the products are not available easily and at the place where the customer needs them. This means that the retailers and the wholesalers also need to play their role effectively. These products should not only be available at every cash and carry but they should be found everywhere and at all the times.

There are two major reasons why the supply of the fmcg products plays the most important role in the process of brand strengthening. Firstly, every such product has various replacements and the customer will purchase any one of them if he can’t find the one he is looking for. Secondly, the fmcg products are not extremely essential-not most of them. If the product availability is not guaranteed, the customers will not feel the need for it after some time. Although there are products that are extremely necessary like soap and detergents but there are many other products which are not considered necessary by the customers until the need for them is created.

So the care that the distributors and the wholesalers need to take is that they can ensure the supply before they create the need for the product. Once the need is created and the customer does not find the product, he will not get in to a habit of using the product.

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