FMCG products-achieving high level of distribution

The fmcg products are meant for short term usage. They are consumed over a shorter period of time and that makes them sell a lot. Most of the fmcg products are used by most of the people all around the world. They are most used every day and their average life span is one month. Certain fmcg products are consumed in a period of one year but they do not generally go beyond that.

The manufacturers try to establish the band strength and this way they try to achieve a high number of sales. The fmcg industry can only survive if the products are consumed and purchased consistently and in huge quantities. This encourages the distributors and wholesalers to promote the products locally. They create their own private label brands to increase the sales and to stay in the competition.

The fmcg products have achieved a high level of distribution over the years. All the parties have played their role to achieve this. The advertisers, the marketers, the wholesalers, the manufacturers and the distributors have worked equally hard to get the high level of distribution.

The fmcg products can be categorized into electronics and other products. The other products include the products that are sold at groceries and supermarkets. The fmcg products like soap, shampoos, cosmetics, shaving equipment etc will fall into the other products category while the mp3 players, mobiles phones etc will come under the electronics.

The fmcg products need high level of distribution to strengthen the brand. These means that every one needs to play his role including the wholesalers and the manufacturers. The retailers have also helped to as they have been working on the private label brand creations.

The fmcg brands are not only sold well because everyone needs them but the retailers and the manufacturers create a need. The need is created by using the media. They try to find a problem that the society is facing and then they show the people that their product will help them find a solution to their problem.

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