From shower cabinet to shower enclosure

When it comes to marketing showers and bathroom furniture, the terminology changes as quickly as the technology and yet often they seem to represent the same thing don’t they? However, the term shower enclosure has now superseded the cabinet and cubicle to become the most popular term for sanitary engineers and bathroom retailers to use in their marketing specifications.

In marketing products, great care, expense and effort is taken by companies to create a sense of luxury for the consumer. Additional add ons such as ‘walk in’ to ‘shower enclosure’ will bring with it a feeling of ease and space. The consumer is not only provided with something potentially high tech where hazardous plastic sides to shower trays and footboards are removed, but also given something desirable where showering becomes easy first thing in the morning when getting ready for work.

The materials used for these shower enclosures have also changed. Gone are the plastic cubicles placed like boxes in the corner of the bathroom and surrounded by tiles to prevent the plastered walls from getting wet. Now there is a clear Perspex or strengthened glass wall that creates a space within a space. The whole room is tiled to create a wet room that is designed to disrupt the eye as little as possible.

Companies such as Boundary Bathrooms combine with Showerlux shower and bathroom furniture to provide the bathing experience that you desire. No longer are we faced with the mildewed plastic cabinet, but something far more exotic tempts us out of bed first thing in the morning.

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