The early morning experience of showering

Long gone are the days of the dodgy plastic shower cabinets that you often came into contact with on camping sites and in cheap boarding houses. The mildewed cracks and that feeling as you stepped into the showers that nothing felt very robust; the floor would creak and bend, the water pressure was poor and the hot water unreliable, and the whole effect was similar to that of standing in a wet plastic phone booth.

These days shower designers seem to have ironed out some of these more obvious flaws and present the shower to us as somewhere enjoyable to spend time before getting dressed and going to work. The problems with cabinets are now being overcome by using better quality materials such as strengthened glass and chrome that provides less surface area for grease to collect. The shower area is also fully tiled and soothingly lit encouraging the showerer to indulge without fear of splashing the surrounding area.

Many shower and bathrooms have been turned into wet rooms which create a completely waterproof area in which to take your shower. The shower cubicle itself may only comprise of the shower head and taps and perhaps a glass panel divider between you and the rest of the room.

Companies like Boundary Bathrooms serve as outlets for Showerlux showers and Showerlux bathroom furniture and are able to provide all manner of showers and appliances to suit all tastes and homes. Gone are the days of the hand held shower that dribbled water out over your back either too hot or too cold.

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