Gold jewellery is still in style

Fashion moves quickly these days and no sooner have you bought your autumn and winter wardrobe, then the magazines are full of the next season’s fashion and what prints and styles you will be wearing in spring and summer. If you like to keep up with the fashions, barely have you chance to get your wardrobe up to speed when you suddenly find yourself behind the times.The changing fashions in costume jewellery are really no different.

One season the trend is subtle and sophisticated, the next season advocates bold, chunky and ostentatious pieces of jewellery.However, occasionally there is a piece of jewellery that you want to buy that you want to last longer than the continually changing fashion seasons.or perhaps someone wants to give you a special gift for an important occasion – a birthday, anniversary or even a proposal.For this kind of occasion, costume jewellery probably will not do and you may want to pick a precious metal such as silver, gold, white gold or platinum.

That is not to say that these kinds of metals do not go in and out of favour with the changing fashions in jewellery. For a long time, gold was commonly the chosen metal for bands when choosing engagement rings and wedding rings but over the last few years, white gold engagement rings and platinum engagement rings have become much more desirable and popular.

However, gold engagement rings have recently enjoyed something of a revival in fashion.Yellow gold can have a lustrous shine that is warm in colour and provides a contrast to sparkling diamonds. When choosing engagement rings, we at Marlows Diamonds have a wide and excellent choice of the diverse types on offer. It certainly cannot have harmed the image of gold engagement rings that several celebrities such as Katy Perry and Scarlett Johansson are rumoured to have chosen gold engagement rings.

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