Tips for choosing engagement rings

As a man, if you want your proposal to the woman you love to be a truly special occasion, then aside from a positive outcome, you will be hoping that the engagement ring you have chosen is going to be well received. Choosing engagement rings can be tricky, but there are some tips you can bear in mind for buying the diamond that your bride to be has always dreamed of.

You may be one of those couples who always make decisions together or perhaps you know your partner has a strong mind and specific tastes. In this case, perhaps you can walk casually through a jeweller’s shop together on one of your shopping trips and get a feel for the taste in jewellery that she has or the kind of diamond that catches her eye. In this way, you can be guided in terms of style and size when looking at engagement rings.

If you are planning to make your proposal a complete surprise, then this may make things trickier but there are plenty of undercover approaches you can make to ensure that your surprise is good one. You could ask around her family and friends. No doubt a discussion about engagement rings has come up with her friends many a time and they will only be too glad to be in on the secret. Maybe you are not the kind of guy who takes much notice of what your partner wears – well, start taking note. What is her other jewellery like? Does she dress in a simple way or with a more flamboyant style?

Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, consult advice at a jewellery store in order to make the right decision in terms of cut and clarity. Here at Marlows Diamonds, we have a range of diamond engagement rings on offer and experts to help you in your final choice.

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