His own novels might be a bit out of fashion at the moment but Anthony Powells

His own novels might be a bit out of fashion at the moment but Anthony Powell’s dictum that ‘Books Do Furnish a Room’ has never been more apt.

With minimalism in retreat there is plenty of opportunity to show off your literary credentials around the home with the help of an eye catching bookcase. Designers of contemporary furniture are now producing a wide range of modern furniture styles to display your reading matter – and improve the look of your home.

The My Book Shelving Units come in a range of sizes and can act as a striking room divider. Arranged on any piece of well made contemporary furniture, books are a great way of introducing colour and warmth into a room.
You can put books in almost every room in the home – not just living rooms and bedrooms. An Italian bookcase, with brushed stainless steel and acid-etched tempered glass, currently available from Kalusto is great for recipe and other food themed books in the kitchen. A steel and glass bookshelf that won’t be affected by steam works well in a bathroom – perfect for when you want relax in the bath with a book.

Orange and white Penguin originals matched with groovy sixties Biba-style ornament look very cool. Glass, perspex and stainless steel or chrome bookcases offer a striking contrast with antique books. Bookcases are often seen as purely functional and even dowdy but some of the world’s foremost contemporary furniture designers are now producing unashamedly modern pieces.

Keep your favourite books at eye level but also, for the sake of visual as well as physical balance, smaller books should go towards the top of your shelves and larger volumes nearer the ground.

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