The first step to planning a nursery

Having a new baby is a lot to cope with and so is choosing your nursery furniture. Picking and purchasing you baby’s nursery furniture is one of the most exciting parts of designing and planning your nursery.

When picking your new nursery furniture, you need to decide what theme you would like and is the first thing you need to think about prior to purchasing any furniture.

A lot of people tend to opt for a theme that specific to the gender of their baby. However, if you do not know the sex of your unborn child, then a better option is to choose a colour and theme that is more neutral. It is also the case that some modern couples do not go down the whole blue for a boy, pink for a girl route as they perceive it as an outmoded tradition which may not be such a positive thing.

The nursery furniture and theme that you choose can help with the development of your baby. Primary colours, such as red, blue and yellow, are suggested to stimulate the vision of your baby and young infants, as well as shapes and patterns.
The theme that you choose for your baby’s nursery will be one that you should be able to live with for a few years and then it can be re-planned when your child is two or three years of age.

Once you have picked your theme, you then need to pick out wallpaper, curtains and carpets to match. After this difficult decision has been made you can then decide what style of nursery furniture you require.
Whatever style of nursery theme you decide on, here at Along Came Baby, we have a wide range of nursery furniture sets for you to choose from that will be sure to meet your needs and requirements.

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