Home office storage solutions

In these days of increased technology more and more of us are working from home. Whether it is an informal arrangement where you occasionally work at home rather than going into the office or a more permanent situation where you work for yourself you will need some kind of office space.

Research shows that if you have somewhere specific to work, ideally out of the normal living space in your house, you will have a better working mindset. For those of us who do work from home we know that it takes discipline to effect a real divide between working time and non-working time.

Working at home needs good storage so that home life and work life do not overlap. You need to be able to put your hands on the right file just when you need it but you also need to be able to relax without being surrounded by the detritus of work stuff. At the very least you need shelves and a work desk if you have even the most basic admin to keep up with. Ideally you should look for a system that you can add to as and when you need. Bookcases, cupboards and more desktop space may not be needed initially but as your work grows they may be essential.

Here at Shelving System we also started off small with the idea of producing an interconnecting range of shelving in different heights, widths and depths. From small beginnings we found that the demand increased and increased and then some of our customers wanted more than shelves. You can now get all manner of cupboards and workspaces and the range is so versatile that you can even plan a custom system online that will fit into your office for the perfect solution to your storage needs.

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