School books and home books

Wherever you have books you really need bookcases or shelves to put them on to keep them tidy and out of the way. At the same time you want to be able to see exactly what you have and find the right book in an instant. The majority of us learn to read at school and for schools book storage is absolutely essential. Obviously it makes sense to invest in a shelving system that is hardwearing enough to deal with all the children and flexible enough to be added to as the school library grows over the years. At the same time it needs to be cost effective and to look good into the bargain, as well as fit into your space.

If you collect books at home you really need the same kind of storage solutions plus you need your shelving to fit within the confines of a space that is likely to be smaller than available in a school. The right solution is one which is modular and so it can be added to, but at the same time it needs to offer different corner solutions and the option to put in magazine shelves which fit on a slant for displaying both magazines and new additions to the book collection, or even cupboard doors for items you need in the room but do not actually want to be on display.

Once you have your room measurements you need it to be straightforward to design your storage easily so that it fits your specific needs.Here at Shelving System we have developed the perfect solution to housing books for personal or professional use. Made from well seasoned wood in seven widths and heights plus six depths you have a choice of 294 different shelving sizes. Plus, you can plan the layout and size online – with fast delivery, who could ask for more?

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