Hospital beds have a lot to offer

If you are in need of a hospital bed in a home care or nursing environment you have the right to plan with your doctor, care nurse or family relative for the correct bed that will suit your ailments and condition.

The more you learn about your illness and your options regarding any future treatment, they can help you make a decision for a bed that you are happy with.

As an independent person you have the right to refuse treatment or use of a hospital bed in the home. It is entirely at your discretion and your decision will relate as to how you would like to treat your condition.
The first question you may have raised is why do you need hospital beds at all?
Designs of hospital beds have come on in leaps and bounds; the old stigma that was attached to them have long since disappeared.

Most hospital beds look like a twin bed which has been purchased at a furniture store. The hospital beds we have on sale at Sidhil are aimed at making a person feel comfortable while using up to date technology to help ease the burden. Our hospital beds, care home beds and nursing home beds have been coated with BioCote, a silver technology that has built in antimicrobial protection to reduce levels of mould, bacteria and fungi. This ensures that the beds are as clean as possible for our clients

Hospital beds are expertly designed and can be customised to suit a person’s illness, and are available with moveable siderails and a choice of electronic or non electronic options to help increase movement. Electronics as an accessory with a hospital bed allows easy changes in bed positions. Raising or lowering the different parts of a hospital bed can help a person feel more comfortable.

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