Modern treatment beds to suit everyone

General practitioners and hospitals can choose quality treatment beds to suit their pocket.Treatment beds are used in surgeries, hospitals, private clinics and by alternative therapists when dealing with patients.

A chiropractitioner who diagnoses, treat and prevents disorders of joints, tendons, muscles, and ligaments often use treatment beds in their clinics. These are specific beds that can help with the client’s injuries when the practitioner is performing their pain relieving techniques.

A chiropractor does not use drugs but will manipulate a person’s bones especially in the area of the spine. Treatment beds have to be strong for this spinal treatment and sturdy, so no accidents occur if the bed has to take the weight of two people when performing manipulation.Spinal treatment is a manipulation which is sometimes used as part of osteopathy. Osteopathy comes from two Greek words which translated means bone and disease.

An osteopath can use his hands on a patient to find problem areas on a person’s body. They will use a treatment bed to massage their patient to move the problem from the relevant part of their client’s body which brings about pain relief. This is known as manipulation therapy.Treatment chairs’ designs have moved forward and you have a variety of chairs to choose from including a selection that has been with BioCote.

Here at Sidhil we have a range of treatment beds and hospital equipment that are manufactured to only the highest standard. We have a range of hospital equipment that can make life easier for doctors, nursing staff and therapists and, most of all, the patients who will be using them. Our stock of treatment beds can be adjusted in height and come with an attached set of drawers if required. We have treatment beds in black or a variety of colours to suit any décor.

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