How to give her the best Mother’s Day present ever

It’ll be Mother’s Day soon and you’re probably trying to find the best gift for the woman who fills that very special place in your heart. That woman doesn’t even need to be your biological woman; she could be your adoptive mother, or an older friend whom you regard as a mother figure in your life. She’s the one who dishes out the advice you need to grow in your relationships, even when you don’t want to hear it. But she’s also the one to whom you turn when you want to share your joy and laughter. And the best thing is that she’s genuinely happy when you’re happy and successful.

So isn’t it right that you treat her to something special?

The most special thing you can do for her on this day is to spend some quality time with her. An hour here, two hours there; you can still catch up with your friends or significant other afterwards. Perhaps you want the rest of your siblings to join you or, if she’s a good friend, you could get her children to help you make this a really special day. Treat her to tea by the pool or at a picnic spot with a pleasant view and use a cute tea set from The White Company. She’ll be so impressed and this will show her that you’re not too busy to spend time with her. She’ll probably appreciate it a lot more than tickets to go see Oprah’s show, though we can’t guarantee that.

Have some other goodies on hand, too: cake, scones, fruit, etc.

Consider other gifts that you can present to her either at the tea party or later during the day. What does she enjoy? Some women knit; other women box; and some women do both, but just not both at the same time. Relaxation kits are ideal as are cashmere socks for when she wants to relax with her books and some great tea.

You could do this in stages and haul out her ‘real’ gift by the time she gets ready to leave. She’ll be so delighted to go see Oprah’s show.

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The White Company wrote this article about Mother’s Day to give ideas on how best to spoil the most important woman in our lives.

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