Top spring fashion trends 2010

With the new season comes new fashion trends, and this year is no different. Women’s fashion is a fickle thing – constantly changing, making it difficult to keep up most of the time. But with spring comes new and exciting things, so head down to your favourite boutique and enjoy a season of new beginnings.

This spring is all about natural fabrics, inspiring textures, earthy tones and fancy adornments and embellishments in the latest colours and styles.

Natural fabrics, subtle colours and inspiring textures

What better way to celebrate spring than to indulge in wonderfully natural fabrics and colours. Basler at Gray and Osbourn offers a range of exclusive and natural pieces to complement a wide range of sizes and styles.

Silk is a beautiful, luxurious and natural fabric that is great for camisoles and blouses. Look for silk blouses and camisoles that flow and fall past the waistline. Complement it with long cardigans, blazers or jackets for a simple yet elegant look. Pair it with a classic and flirty pair of ballet pumps and you’re good to go.

Texture is a very important element of style, and this season texture takes a forefront in the fashion world. Try fabrics that offer plenty of luxurious textures like cashmere wraps, stylish silk or chiffon scarves, or contemporary jackets.

Make a fashion statement with ruffles and rosettes

The feminine look is in this season, and with that comes lots of ruffles and rosettes. But this look can easily get out of hand, so stick to one frilly or embellished garment at a time.

Teem your embellished t-shirt or blouse with a cardigan and peep toe shoes and you go from average to stunning. If you are not as daring to wear rosettes or ruffles on your clothing, they can be found on anything from earrings and shoes, to handbags and belts. In this way you still look stylish without wearing something you are uncomfortable with.

Be bold with colourful and graphic leggings

Leggings have made a big fashion statement for the past couple of seasons, whether in winter or summer, autumn or spring. This season the focus shifts from black to more colour and prints.

Graphic and bold leggings are great this season, but take heed, you don’t want to go overboard and be noticed for the wrong reasons. Make sure that if you wear bright or graphic leggings it does not clash with the rest of the outfit.

All in all, spring is going to be the season of beautiful lines, comfortable styles, subtle colours and oodles of feminine frills.


This article was written for Gray and Osbourn and highlights fashion trends for spring.

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