How to give unique Valentine’s Day gifts

Not everyone remembers about V-Day; some forget about it. But the ones who remember can sometimes take it up a notch or two. They no longer bother much with candy, jewellery, or flowers; these are passé and have become cliché over the last couple of years. Instead, these people decide to go for the most interesting gifts they can think of. A woman in Minnesota got what must be the most ‘interesting’ gift ever: her husband ‘gave’ her a half a mile wide heart made out of manure.

You’ll only really surprise your partner if you know what they enjoy. If you don’t know what it is they enjoy, it’ll help to listen attentively to everything they say, in the hopes that their secret desires will be revealed. Perhaps they mention something about wanting to attend a sporting event or learning to play the guitar. A great gift would be something that can help them to attend that sporting event or to learn how to play the guitar, piano, or whatever type of musical instrument it is they’re interested in.

Another option is to ask your partner outright what it is they want for Valentine’s Day. This is not the most romantic option to use but it’ll guarantee they won’t spend time in the ‘returns’ queue. They’ll really enjoy the gift, whatever it is, and they’ll probably appreciate it that you care enough to ask them directly.

Do something different on this day, or in the week leading up to it. Go play laser quest, putt putt or something fun and a bit silly. It’s not just the little ones who get to have fun. It’ll get your partner to let their guard down and to enjoy the time spent with you. But just make sure that you team this up with drinks, dinner, or a picnic afterwards.

Finally, you want to impress, especially if you’re still in the early stages of the relationship. You want to make this V-Day – and next one – one of their best ever. The idea is of course to spoil your partner but it also makes sense to give something that you can share in. Board games could be a great choice if your partner is that way inclined; it can mean hours and hours of free fun.
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