Taking care of your gold jewellery

Gold has always been, and will continue to be the ultimate expression of love, style, sophistication and individuality. Gold is indeed priceless, especially seen as though it is almost always given or bought with loving intent. Therefore looking after your gold jewellery is important.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to care for these priceless jewels is order to maintain its beauty:

Gold is not indestructible

While gold can last longer than most metals, is can be scratched and dented if treated in the wrong way. And items like rings and bracelets are usually the pieces most prone to knocks and scratches. The best thing to do is remove these pieces before attempting any strenuous activity.

Beware of chemicals

Keep chlorine away from your gold jewellery as repeated exposure to the chemical can weaken the gold and lead to breakage. Remove all gold jewellery when swimming or using chlorinated cleaning products.

Other harsh chemicals that should be kept away from gold include acids and abrasives usually found in household cleaning detergents. These weaken the jewellery over time.

Keep it clean

To clean your gold jewellery, soak it in a solution of soapy water, or take it to your local jeweller to have it cleaned. After you have cleaned and rinsed your jewellery, dry and polish is with a soft cloth to avoid scratches and make it shine.

Proper storage is important

Store your jewellery in a safe place like a jewellery box or even a safe. Keep it wrapped in a cloth or in its original packaging. When it comes to chains and bracelets, keep your pieces separate to prevent tangling.

Visit your local jeweller

Always check your gold jewellery for any signs or wear and tear. Take it to a professional jeweller for regular cleaning and polishing sessions. Your jeweller will be able to take care of even the smallest problem, so do not hesitate to take it in.

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