Ice skating for fun

Ice skating is used for various activities such as leisure, transport and sports. Ice skates consist of a boot with a specially crafted blade attached, which is used as a tool when moving on the ice.

Moving your body and feet in particular ways will create different movements, control and speed which is particularly useful in the art of figure skating. Figure skating is an Olympic sport in which a person, or group of people, perform jumps, twists and spins and other intricate movements on ice. It requires skill and timing in order to be successful, and is a very graceful, beautiful sport.

Ice hockey on the other hand is a popular sport which is played on ice using ice skates, with two teams competing against each other. It is a fast paced and physical sport enjoyed by many all over the world. The sport was originally popular in colder climates with seasonal ice coverage. However, with the advent of indoor ice rinks, ice hockey and ice skating is undertaken by people of all ages and abilities for sport and fun throughout the year, no matter where they may live and in what climate.

Buying a pair of ice skates isn’t essential when you first start skating but is beneficial both on your feet and your pocket. You can hire or rent ice skates but it is preferable to have a pair that fit you perfectly, which isn’t always possible with rented skates that can be a little worn with so much regular use from different people. The cost, although initially cheaper will soon add up and you will realise that you could have owned your own ice skates for a lower cost.

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