Instant HIV tests and fast STD test results

It is possible nowadays, to have a Chlamydia test when you need it and have the results within 2 or 3 days.

A Chlamydia test is very simple and will be conducted with the use of a urine sample with no need for swabs. However, if preferred there is a Chlamydia test available which includes swabs. If you think that there is a chance you have just been at risk shortly before you had your last Chlamydia test then it is highly recommended that you wait a couple of weeks and have another Chlamydia Test. Normally, when you want a Chlamydia test it will be part of an overall STD test that includes Chlamydia testing.

Many people are worried about their STD test because they aren’t sure what to expect, but, despite this, you should reflect that an STD test is very easy and straightforward because it can be carried out with a urine sample and a small sample of your blood.

Along with the Chlamydia test and the HIV test, a general STD test will ensure that you can be screened for all manner of sexually transmitted diseases so you can have a check for everything at one time. These types of STD tests are the best ones to have when you need to put your mind at rest or catch a disease early for fast and effective treatment.

At Same Day Doctor we provide a number of private and confidential clinics which are situated across the UK who can provide fast and effective tests for STDs. Apart from an STD test, we include a range of the HIV tests that can often provide instant and fast results. We have a range of trained professionals who can deal with all your health concerns, which means that you don’t need to speak to your normal doctor.

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