Urgent STD tests and fast treatment

There are many reasons to need a private STD clinic and some of those reasons may include the need to have an urgent Chlamydia test, HIV test or STD test. You can locate a private doctor quickly and easily to help you with your STD test when you need it as long as you know where to look.

Many people in the UK will take an HIV test and this test is necessary if you have been sleeping with a number of different sexual partners without using any protection such as condoms. HIV is the virus which will lead to AIDS and is one of the best known STDs and probably one of the most feared because it is not curable.

While there is no cure at the moment for the HIV/AIDS virus it is possible to lead a normal life for many years when you receive the right type of treatment early.

The typical signs of the HIV/AIDS infection are continuing flu symptoms, sudden and unexplained weight loss, coughing, fever, diarrhoea and constant fatigue which will happen only 1 to 2 months following the contraction of HIV. Women can often experience a thrush or yeast infection and rash and skin growths may begin bleeding for no apparent reason.

When you regularly have an HIV test with a private doctor it is possible to detect HIV at the early stages to receive the best treatment, keeping you much healthier for much longer.

At Same Day Doctor we have a private doctor who can deal with any STD test when patients come to our walk-in private clinic where there will be little waiting time and no need to make a pre-booking. If you don’t want to it is not necessary for you to give your real name in consultation and there is no rule to say that you have to register with us.

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