Join online movie clubs

Why queue at your local DVD rental or wait for a film delivery through the post? You can join an online movie club and stream movies onto your pc and watch great movies free of charge.

These types of club can open up a wealth of opportunity for the avid movie fan. Like book clubs, when people join a virtual movie club and want to create a group, it becomes easy for them to all watch the same movie. All they have to do is stream the movie of everyone’s choice onto their pc and then off they go. Discussion sites become more flexible too. Members of your group can either watch the film together or in their own homes. Also you no longer have to live near to one another as you used to with a book club. There are not the same time constraints. If you are going away, you can stream the movie on your laptop, watch and post your comments on Facebook or Twitter.

When signing up to these clubs, you are joining a virtual community of amateur movie buffs and the choice of films to watch is wide and varied. Whether its action adventures, horror, fantasy, biographies, comedy, drama, war films, romance, sci-fi, murder mysteries or classic film noir, there will be something there to suit your particular age and taste. Joining up is not difficult either.

Companies like iReel only ask for an email address and password and you are ready to stream and watch your first movie.

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