Keeping in touch after emigration

There are many people who move overseas either to work in a different country or move to another country permanently. There are many reasons for this such as better jobs abroad and sometimes a better standard of living. Each person will have a different reason for emigrating but they nearly all have one thing in common, leaving loved ones behind. It can be an emotional experience for the person who is leaving and also for the people left behind. When it is your parents or close relatives it can especially difficult to say goodbye. A holiday once a year or sometimes even less is not going to be enough.

Many families choose to stay in touch by telephone but the cost of international calls can be huge, meaning that you are restricted to the number of calls you can make and the length of each call. For many of us a phone call should not have to be planned, you should be able to call on impulse without out worrying about the cost.

There are phone companies who will offer cheap international calls but will insist that you sign up to a lengthy contract. Other companies only cover calls to certain countries or charge higher tariffs for certain countries. Many of us don’t want to sign up to a phone provider for a specified amount of time as the cost of calls can increase, meaning that you are back to square one. It is also useful to be able to use either your mobile phone or landline to make cheap phone calls. This provides flexibility so that you may make international calls wherever you are.

Here at we make it simple for you to use either your mobile phone or landline so you have complete freedom when making your calls. We don’t ask you to sign up with us or pay a registration fee. You just dial an access number which we provide for your cheap calls.

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