Keeping safe

The majority of people take responsibility for keeping their homes safe from the risk of fires or flooding and other dangers, but if you are an employer you are accountable for the safety of all your employees and any customers on your premises at the time of an incident. Most of us are aware of the basic precautions taken in case of emergency, such as having fire alarms and emergency lighting, but there is a lot more to be done when it comes to safety.

Emergency situations can arise at any time and we are all at risk. There are many systems available to help to detect a situation before it can cause major damage, such as gas detection devices or water leakage detectors. These devices can help prevent a major and costly situation and in the event of a gas leak a gas detector could save lives.

We all have a responsibility for ensuring our safety and those around us but if you are an employer there is legislation that you must follow, such as the ban on smoking which came into force in 2007. In this case you would be advised to fit cigarette smoke detectors which incorporate the appropriate sign-age required by law. Using a company that can advise you on the correct choice and use of fire alarms, gas detection systems, emergency lighting and any legislation that needs to be followed is critical. At GLT Exports we have experienced sales people who are able to advise you on the best equipment to keep a building safe and how to implement the relevant laws.

Keeping safe is the responsibility of all of us but there are companies that are able to advise on all safety aspects, whether it is fitting a fire alarm or advice about the current legislation.

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