Making the correct decision

A student nurse or doctor who has just graduated from medical school and has specialised training in oncology may have to decide to take up a position in general practice or at one of the senior medical clinics. Whatever your choice, you can still specialise in your chosen field of medicine.

Deciding on the correct career path for any nurse or doctor can be a daunting decision.
It may be you have an opportunity to join a team of professional doctors who are able to help you improve by using your skills in paediatrics or surgical cancers.

Both nurses and doctors who have decided to make medicine their lifetime career deserve the best medical treatment beds equipment that is available.

At Sidhil, we pride ourselves on our range of hospital beds, care home beds, hospital equipment and other medical accessories, that are made to the highest standards.There is a demand for products that consumers are able to trust. We have a high level of hygiene which includes our products being coated with a thin layer superior antimicrobial protector called BioCote. BioCote is a silver ion technology. This technology has antimicrobial properties to help stop bacteria growing on the surface of our products. Using this technology ensures a safer and cleaner environment for both staff and patients in hospitals up and down the country.

Items such as surgical instruments and equipment trolleys, that have to be moved from area to area, could carry the risk of infection. Some of our trolleys have been manufactured from mild steel and coated with a BioCote. All our trolleys are fitted with trays that are made from stainless, aluminium or plastic. By producing trolleys of the highest quality from the most suitable materials, it is possible to maintain the best hygiene standards. Whatever choices doctors, nurses or patients make this has to be good for all.

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