Reducing the stigma of nursing homes and care homes

Liverpool was one of the first cities to provide home care. Its main aim at that time was to help families who were suffering from infectious diseases.The most dangerous diseases at that time were typhoid, smallpox and scarlet fever.

There were a large proportion of chronically ill people who had to take up rows of hostpital beds. However, the same numbers of patients were turned away.

Health departments did not have enough nursing staff and to cope they decided to employ from the private sector nurses who had experience in bedside care.Patients today are able to have more choice. A person who needs medical care can receive nursing care in their own home.

If a person requires more serious medical care, we have in this country fine nursing homes and care homes. Our nursing homes and care homes are able to provide quality nursing care for a patient who is unable to fend for themselves.At Sidhil we provide daily living accessories to help a person lead a dignified life. Our products include commodes, special chairs and other aids for use in their own home surroundings.

We have care home beds and nursing home beds that are fitted with a locking system. This is an essential safety requirement for both a patient and nurse. The locking system allows a patient to get in and out of bed without the worry of movement. The beds we provide can be adjusted to different lengths and we give two choices of handrails- or no handrails at all. Handrails are an accessory that allows a patient to push themselves up in bed.

Getting a bed right is vital as patients spend so much time in bed. They may get very uncomfortable if the bed does not match their requirements. Illnesses and health conditions may be exacerbated by poor beds. So the importance of beds cannot be overestimated in the sphere of care.

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