Manufacturing using Fibreglass

When seeking to find a suitable material in which to manufacture your design, there are few products offering as much flexibility as glass reinforced plastic.

Better known as fibreglass, this flexibility has ensured that it can be used to manufacture a vast array of products. Some used in everyday life, others of a more bespoke design manufactured as a one-off for something that little bit special.
With such flexibility comes imagination, creativity and of course adaptability.

For the customer, creativity can run wild and no matter how complex the design, the lightweight strength and ability to colour fibreglass to virtually any shade you want in many different finishes often make sit the natural choice for the manufacturing.

To assure quality and the integrity of the product, it is of course important to ensure it is manufactured correctly. After all, the skill for the manufacturer is to be able to actually turn that creative design into a tangible product.
When you are looking for a strong team of designers and a company with an experienced workforce that will be able to translate your vision into a reality, At Fibreglass UK we are well recognised as being one of the leading specialist providers of bespoke manufactured GRP mouldings to customers ranging from architects through to the automotive and marine industries.

The lightness of fibreglass mouldings is well known as are the variety of finishes, but the real strength that comes alongside these attributes is often ignored or forgotten.

There are few manufactured products such as fibreglass that can offer individual bespoke designs which are limited only by an individual or companies imagination.

Never forget, specialist manufacturers can quickly create the moulds for products made in fibreglass so from a financial point of view, it can be the difference to making it happen.

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