Green elevators

With a great deal of increases in building works in towns and cities in the UK, there is also at the same time an increasing number of elevators installed.

Under various acts and health and safety rules, access facilities including lifts must be installed in buildings which have public access.

Generally lifts and elevators are very heavily used in these types of buildings and consequently use up a lot of energy.

Many mechanisms and machinery parts in a building, including elevator apparatus can generate an amount of carbon emissions which help contribute to greenhouse gasses which ultimately may result in global warming.

The lift mechanisms such as the control panels can generate a great deal of energy and older versions can be even more wasteful. Newer varieties of these panels can be quickly programmed to respond immediately to floor number requests and to operate and deliver the passenger to the chosen floor.

Although it may appear to be a small consumption, the lights installed on these control panels can increase the energy consumption of many lifts. With the installation of standby devices, these lights and other energies used can be reduced whilst the elevator is not in use.

This stand by option can also be utilised for other facilities in the lift such as air conditioning and overhead lighting. These small savings can, over a period of time add together to make a significant saving.

It is also appropriate to ensure that the hoisting element is properly maintained to ensure an effective lifting operation.

At Elevation Lift Services Ltd we can help with the maintenance of building lifts and elevators. With an efficient and fully functioning lift, carbon emissions can be reduced and allowing us to retain the upkeep of any passenger or goods lift we can help with the fulfilling of any green business policies and promises.

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