Marble fireplaces: ideal for both traditional-looking and modern rooms

When furnishing and decorating a room, the stark choice between a traditional style and a more modern, streamlined look, can sometimes be a difficult one.Traditional carpets for example can be generally cosier than a laminate floor with a simple rug, yet may also look dowdy and prove more difficult to clean. On the other hand, old-fashioned wing-back chairs may not be as comfortable as a sprawling, well-sprung sofa, yet could be perceived as giving a room more character.

One of the major regrets of abandoning traditional décor in favour of a modern layout can be the consequent lack of a good old-fashioned, centrally located fireplace, perhaps replaced instead with the somewhat more anonymous heating systems of under-floor piping or wall radiators. Although fireplaces can provide a warm, homely touch to a room, they are often seen as anachronistic and completely out of place in a more modern environment. When a compromise is attempted by trying to install a more modern-looking centrally-placed fireplace – a wall-mounted flat ‘screen’ radiator for example – the result can sometimes appear hollow and ultimately disappointing.

It may be possible however, to enjoy the best of both worlds: a traditional quality fireplace that fits well into a more modern environment, providing a feeling of warmth and cosiness without compromising a room’s statement of modernity. Ideal examples of this type of fireplace include marble fireplaces.

Marble fireplaces lend themselves well to both traditional and modern décor. Firstly, marble usually comes in a range of tasteful, neutral shades including sandstone and cream. Secondly, marble fireplaces are often available in several different styles, from a more traditional look incorporating ionic columns through to a modern-looking design employing simple, smooth lines.

At Marble Choice our range of marble fireplaces will amaze, as will the modern touches added to some of our products such as built-in lighting.

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