Think again about marble fireplaces

Marble fireplaces are a favoured choice among many householders. They have a unique, pure-looking beauty and usually fit in with most styles of both traditional and modern decor.Yet whilst finding marble fireplaces attractive, some householders eschew these beautiful structures in favour of less prominent, and arguably less interesting, fireplaces.

These householders sometimes argue that marble fireplaces are too impractical, unwieldy and expensive for the average home. Yet on closer analysis nothing could be further from the truth.
Introducing a marble fireplace into a room can be an extremely practical, and some would say ingenious, masterstroke. The householder can usually buy such fireplaces direct from the supplier, the chosen product being delivered swiftly and intact right to the customer’s door. Once delivered, installation is usually extremely quick and straightforward, and some marble fireplaces even come complete with a built-in electric fire.

Once installed, marble fireplaces will usually provide a dominant focal point for a room but will not generally appear obtrusive. On the contrary, the light neutral hues of a marble fireplace, coupled with its clean lines, can often add depth to a room, making the room appear bigger and more impressive. Moreover, with a traditional fireplace, of course, comes a highly useful, traditional mantelpiece which is perfect for displaying a clock, ornaments or photographs.

In terms of cost, marble fireplaces are often less expensive than most people are led to believe. Furthermore, it is worth keeping in mind that a marble fireplace is extremely durable and hard-wearing, and usually requires very little maintenance or repair during its long lifetime. The purchase cost therefore compares favourably in the long term with less robust fireplaces made from materials such as MDF.
At Marble Choice we have an extremely wide range of top quality marble fireplaces and all at highly competitive prices, so there is bound to be one to suit every household.

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