Massage services for London offices

Good managers understand that sympathetic staff care is vital in creating a positive and productive working environment. If personnel feel they are appreciated and supported, and are rewarded for their efforts and loyalty, their morale remains high and they are more likely to work consistently and to exert themselves to the max at ‘big push’ times.

Sometimes, though, it is tricky finding the right reward and incentive methods. Financial bonuses are traditional but they are uninspired, can be over-expensive for the employer, and entail the issues of differential rewards amongst staff. Similarly, awarding extra leave days may just not be practicable or affordable.

But at we can suggest the ideal solution. Why not reward your staff with some of the best and most relaxing massage services in London, delivered right to your business premises by our massage therapist? London workers often live considerable distances from their workplaces so organising out-of-hours events can be difficult. But we can visit your premises during work hours, if you wish, or in lunch breaks or immediately after closing. We can relax and pamper your staff with our chair massage, (with no need to lay down on undress), Indian head massage, soothing hand massage and manicure, and London stress-busting aromatherapy.

All of these delicious treatments have both short-term and long-term benefits. They immediately relax a person’s back and shoulders, and improve concentration ability, so if the worker has to return to duties soon afterwards there is likely to be a noticeable improvement in work performance. With the muscles relaxed and toned, there is also less likelihood of Repetitive Strain Injury occurring.

Longer-term, after a session of massage services in London, whether delivered individually or as a group, your staff will feel valued and cherished, with increased motivation and team spirit. You are likely to see absenteeism reduce and productivity improve.

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