Quality not quantity is essential for good dog health

Your puppy or a dog is an individual who looks to you to keep him in good dog health during his lifetime. A new puppy grows quickly and his fur coat tends to change along with bones and muscles as they grow into an adult. Both a puppy and an adult dog should have a gleaming coat, healthy teeth and a strong body. However cheap pet food and a lack of exercise can not only spoil their chance of a healthy life, but could even tragically shorten it.

We at Hills Pet are continuously striving to make sure that owners of a puppy or an adult dog are able to place their pet on an appropriate dog diet.

Dogs, like humans, if fed too much food and do not have enough physical exercise to keep the weight in check become overweight. Any breed of dog that is fed too much food will become obese which can result in many health issues including diabetes, arthritis and heart failure.

The skills and knowledge that we have is now available for both puppy owners and dog owners to take advantage of and in doing so will ensure their best friend have a chance of a longer life.

We provide essential information is given on our packaging makes life easier for dog owners, including portion sizing according to the breed of dog.

By law the ingredients of pet food has to be listed on all dog food with the main ingredient heading the list.

Meat or fish are the main ingredients that provide the essential proteins and essential amino acids.

Watch your pets body change and the fat reduce bringing back the curves that has been lost.

Remember less treats, balanced meals, fresh water and physical exercise every day gives him the best chance possible of quality dog health.

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