Medical Care

When in hospital, the most important thing to take rest is HOSPITAL BED. HOSPITAL BED should be clean & comfortable in order for the patient to take complete rest & cleanliness takes care of curing the patient fast. When we talk about HOSPITAL BEDS ,there are many types .Some of the TREATMENT BEDS are mentioned below.

1: “Intensive Care Unit Bed”:This suitable for mattress of size L 1980x W910mm. The CRCA top is uniformly perforated. Steel is used for constructing the base & main frame.The bows are of stainless steel & can be easily removed.

2: “Fowler Bed”:Its size is same as that of the Intensive Care unit Bed. Its top is divided into four sections.

3: “Semi Fowler Bed:”Same as the size of Intensive Care bed. This is not movable. The frame work of this bed is also on steel tubes.

4: Ward Bed: This too has the same size suitable for the mattress of L1980 x W 910 mm.
It has rectangular shape with CRCA as top sheet. It has tubular head bow & foot bow which are of unequal size. They are mounted on rubber stumps. It is coated with Epoxy.

As seen that for all type of patients/ treatments there are specific beds .These are used on the basis of what the patient has to be treated for.

CARE BEDS which are adjustable beds used for give proper support to back of the patients & the knees. They can be set at different angels/ positions . Due to this adjustment it becomes easier for the patient to take rest.

Also like if some one has to get up from the bed or she/he wants to sit & doesn’t have enough energy to do so , CARE BEDS as used for helping them by adjusting the angels of the backrest & knee rest as applied.

Other than beds, the next comes the HOSPITAL EQUIPMENTS, which are very much required by the doctors for curing patients.

Ex: Examination Gloves, Operating table, Nebulizer.

These are the normal HOSPITAL EQUIPMENTS. These we can use at home also.

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