Kinetic Concepts Incorporation which is a company dealing in mattresses and various kinds of medical products has joined hands with the Carroll Hospital Group Incorporation which deals in the medical and surgical beds.

These two companies will now collectively produce more comfortable hospital beds for patients. Now it will be more effective to handle or transport the patients’ comfortably and in an easy way. Patients will also feel more comfortable and safer on these kinds of hospital beds. It has been seen that if the bed is not comfortable than the patients may some time develop bed sores. The things tend to be worse if the patient have to lie in such kind of beds for a long time.

It becomes the responsibility of the hospitals to provide safer and comfortable beds to their patients and they are also required to treat any kind of problem that the patient faces due to uncomfortable hospital beds. The reimbursement of such kind of treatments was stopped by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services in the month of October 2008.

The Government officials of UK also recommend the products of Kinetic Concepts Incorporation in the hospitals. This company has its base in San Antonio. And it is a global medical technology company in the various kinds of hospital equipments, care beds, care home beds, treatment beds, products meant for wound care, therapeutic use or tissue regeneration. It uses a lot of technologies for producing comfortable mattresses for patients.

The technology it uses includes silicon beads, air, form, water and various kinds of viscous fluids. These mattresses which are produced using above technologies are very comfortable for patients. They do not develop any kind of bed sores or suffer any other problem even if they have to lie on bed for a prolonged period of time.

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