Move your racking with ease

When you need storage it is not always a question of which unit to put where. Sometimes storage needs to be on a more temporary basis or perhaps you want to move it around. This could be because you are moving home, redecorating a room, or you may just need racking that is a lightweight unit as it is regularly moved from room to room or between warehouses.

Portable racking is available in a range of styles and the great thing about portable racking is that it is lightweight and can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes. It also folds up and is compact when disassembled so the racking units can be stored away somewhere safe, with minimal disruption.

Good portable units are also bolt free so you do not have to worry about losing parts when you move the units. Portable racking can have castors on the bottom of the units that come with brakes to ensure the unit can be made stable when need be. The brakes on two of the four castors can be put on if you want the unit to remain in the same place for a length of time.

Here at BiGDUG we appreciate that everyone has a different requirement for the portable racking; we therefore have a wide range of units available so that you will be able to find a portable racking unit to suit your requirements.If you need a number of portable racking units then we offer some great bulk discounts too.The more of the portable racking units that you purchase the bigger the savings you can make. There is also a range of accessories available so that you can modify the portable racking and can create the perfect unit for your needs, wherever you might need them.

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