Strong and robust shelving

Shelving is made out of such a wide range of materials that you will be spoilt for choice. When you are deciding on the type of shelving unit you would like, you need to make sure that you have considered your storage requirements thoroughly beforehand as otherwise you could end up with a unit that is not suitable.

If you need strong and reliable shelving that is capable of holding a larger weight, then metal shelving is usually just what you need. Metal shelving is heavy duty shelving and capable of being placed in a wide range of environments. This shelving can be used in hot climates, in the home, industrial places or in colder, damper environments such as in a shed or garage. Most metal shelving is protected so it does not rust or corrode in the wet, damp conditions and will last for years to come.

Good metal shelving units are boltless and with a simple tap together system and a rubber mallet you can have the shelves adjusted so that you can set the shelves at heights that suits your individual storage needs. If your metal shelving does not have enough shelves and you have the space to store them on the unit, then there are often additional metal shelves that can be purchased at an additional cost so you can modify the unit accordingly.

Here at BiGDUG there is a wide range of metal shelving units available, including archive shelving or standard office racking, and they all come in a range of widths, depths and heights so that you will be able to find a metal shelving unit to suit your needs. Our metal shelving units also vary in price so that there is a unit available that will also meet your budget as well, making it ideal for everyone.

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