Nourkrin: getting to the roots of hair loss

Come winter and a dreaded Monday- when nothing in the world seems better than 10 more minutes curled up under the ever so cozy blanket and heavy eyelids refuse to budge- you jump up from bed at last. You rush to the shower, and in another 5 minutes you are out of the house, any thoughts of breakfast trodden under the schedule of the day, and promising yourself to make up with a filling burger and large fries for lunch.

Day after day of this mad rush! We neglect our body so much until it finally starts showing signs of protest. One of the most common reasons for hair loss in young people is arguably the lack of proper care with regard to a healthy diet. Though it is often blamed as ‘neglect’, there are times when our busy work schedules just make it impossible for us to follow a healthier lifestyle.

It is under such circumstances that Nourkrin comes into the picture. Nourkrin is a popular hair supplement made from marine based proteins and polysaccharides fortified with omega-3 fatty acids (plus silica, fenugreek and horsetail extract)- all of which helps to improve hair growth and revitalize dull hair. Taking these nutrients as supplements to what the body does not get through food, will improve circulation and ensure proper nutrient supply to the scalp- giving form to luxuriant hair that is strong from the roots.

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