Looking at using technology to help users of wheel chairs

Out in this world today, life is hectic with everyone rushing around. Unfortunately, there are sections of the population who are not able to rush at all. I am writing about the people who are in wheelchairs and due to a disability are not always able to get access to work or services. It may be that a disabled person is well able to work, but society has placed obstacles in their way which make their lives very difficult.

One of the difficulties is that access arrangements for disabled people have not kept up with the pace of scientific and technological progress. In some cases, it has been possible to improve conditions by creating platforms, but there is still the difficulty for wheelchair users and that is actually using a platform or wheelchair lift.

One solution for employers or managers of public buildings is to install a disabled lift or a platform lift with power. A powered platform lift can help to overcome the difficulty a person has when there is a hindrance to their movement. If you visualise a wheelchair lift that can be found at the back of a van these platform lifts are used in a similar way. When the owner has set his wheelchair in a position on the lift, he or she is able to use a special control pad to raise the lift at their own convenience.

At ddalifts, we produce many variations of a disability lift that can be designed with a specific purpose in mind.

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