There are lots of personal number plates available online in UK. These are also called private number plates or cherished number plates. Now a day the trend of personal number plates is increasing. Now the people are not satisfied with the simple number plates.

Personal number plate or private number plate is now becoming a status symbol. People try a lot to access these number plates and once they have got it then the number plate is registered with the vehicle and the number plate becomes the property of the vehicle owner. Now it has become easier to have these numbers as these are now available on net. You can also apply for the replacement of your personal number plate online.

However there are certain things which you should keep in mind while applying for the replacement. Once you have owned a personal number plate your name gets registered with the DVLA or DVA as the case may be. The vehicle registration certificate of your vehicle is termed as the proof of your entitlement to the personal number plate. You will be required to send a copy of this certificate along with the number. The website of DVLA or DVA will help you in this regard.

It will tell you about the procedure for applying for the private number plates or the procedure for applying for replacement of the number plate. It will also provide detail about the closest retailer from where you can get the number. You will also be required to show proof of your personal identity. For example copy of driving license, copy of passport or the residence proof from your society.

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