GE is the solo company that provides various kinds of services and innovative products that are required to stage Olympic Games successfully.

It has planned to gift hospital equipments worth more than 8 million pounds to the Homerton University Hospital situated at the East London. This hospital has good quality of hospital beds, care beds, treatment beds and also provides home care beds. These medical equipments will include incubators, foetal monitors and MR scanner. These equipments will help in the improvement of medical facilities provided by the hospital. It will also reduce the infant mortality rate in the east London and adjoining area.

This will also promote the maternal and infant care policies of the UK government. It will also make the health care facilities more affordable for all. The chairman and CEO of GE Jeff Immelt said that they are providing this help keeping in view the coming Olympic Games that are being held in London.

UK is the global headquarter of the GE health care and that is why GE invests a lot in the UK market. He said that the medical equipments provided by their company help people live a healthy life. Their aim is to make the medical facilities effective and accessible to the common people. They want to reduce the medical costs to reduce in UK and other parts of the world. The various child care equipments that are being donated will help in creating a better future for those living in London.

It has been estimated that one baby out of every nine babies that take birth in UK require some kind of medical attention. It is almost one in every six minutes. This certainly requires more effective maternal and child care system. Various high tech hospital equipments that are being donated such as neonatal incubator, volusone8 ultrasound equipment etc will help a lot in improvising the medical facilities in UK.

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