Payroll Outsourcing

Outsourcing has become more and more popular. There are obvious benefits to smaller businesses but even larger concerns are seeing and reaping the benefits of outsourcing different aspects of their business.

The smallest company may consist of its founder and a handful of employees. Once there are employees, the entrepreneur has to start operating Pay As You Earn. This is on top of all the different tasks they will already be trying to do in order to run their business. As the business grows, the founder will find more and more of their time taken up with administration and less and less of their time spent on those things which they do best and which add value to the business.

This is the time to look at payroll outsourcing. Companies such as us at Dataplan benefit from the economies of scale associated with doing payroll for so many clients. We are therefore able to offer a very reasonable price per employee. Don’t be tempted to let your accountant do the payroll for you with their quotes based on hourly rates. The first time an employee has a query and contacts the accountant, the clock will be on and you can look forward to a larger than expected bill. You may even be paying for your accountant’s research time.

Larger companies also see the benefits of payroll outsourcing. After all, why pay the salary required by a payroll expert when they may not be fully utilised? Far better to pay what you need, when you need it, and be secure in the knowledge that everything is being done correctly.

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