Perfect Match

The excitement of an engagement ring is generally reserved for women and their closest friends, and when choosing from the wide selection of engagement rings that are available, a diamond is usually the order of the day. When choosing wedding rings you should remember that they can cater to both men and women. As such, wedding rings can really make a statement about your relationship – especially if you and your partner decide on matching wedding rings, as many couples often do these days.

Wedding ring sets may not initially appeal to a man. Typically, when thinking of the style of men’s wedding rings, images of beautiful, elaborate, jewel-encrusted bands that women often wear as wedding rings do not naturally spring to mind. However, wedding ring sets can really complement each other by being perfectly matched in design, so as to be viewed as a pair – yet still be subtly different in size to reflect the male/female wearer.
Rather than the traditional plain band, it is now acceptable for men to wear more elaborate wedding rings, encrusted with diamonds or bevelled edges – meaning that, although you may be looking at wedding ring sets to complement each other’s design, women do not have to sacrifice beautiful details or precious stones on their wedding ring just to accommodate the man.

If you are struggling to convince a male partner that you should both have matching wedding rings, remember that a slightly plainer version for a man is still acceptable. Wedding rings can be chosen with these subtle design differences, but still create a stunning impression and reflect that they are a pair of rings as opposed to two separate wedding rings. Retailers such as us at Marlows will offer a range of options and advice on the selection of your wedding rings.

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