What do eternity rings signify?

Eternity rings are a romantic statement – their origins lie thousands of years ago in a circle of metal with no beginning or end. This unbroken circle perfectly signified an everlasting love. Eternity rings were once a plain metal band. However, fortunately for the modern woman, eternity rings are now more commonly set with beautiful and precious stones – most popularly, diamonds.

There are full eternity rings with stones all around the ring, or half eternity rings – most retailers will advise on both. At Marlows we can offer you advice on many different eternity rings.

If the eternity ring is the only ring you intend to wear, what could be more beautiful than a band encrusted with precious stones all the way around? If you intend to wear this piece of jewellery with other rings, then it may be wise to consider how they will sit alongside each other or how they may look together – and of course on which finger you intend to wear the eternity ring.

Eternity rings can be given for many different occasions. They can be given to mark special occasions in a marriage, such as the birth of a child or a significant wedding anniversary. Eternity rings can even be given to a special friend, or as a birthday present for a spouse or child.

If given to mark a wedding anniversary, often, precious stones can be incorporated into the ring to reflect the number of year’s anniversary – a twentieth with a mix of diamonds and emeralds, or rubies and diamonds for a fortieth.

Eternity rings are often interchangeable with wedding rings – for either a man or a woman – after all, they do share a very similar history in that they both symbolise an enduring love, as well as possessing a similar look in terms of style.

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