Pitfalls to avoid when buying bathroom suites

If you are not in the trade, you could be forgiven for thinking that the term bathroom suite means a toilet, a basin and a bath. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t, which is not helpful if you are trying to price up your new bathroom. You need to check carefully exactly what you are getting in the price that you see.

A four piece bathroom suite may, in fact, only refer to a sink and a toilet. The reason for this is that there are two pieces in a sink, that is to say the bowl and the pedestal it sits on, and then there are two pieces in a toilet, the bowl and the cistern. Together, these can make up what is referred to as a four piece set.

There is a reasonable explanation of how this came about.The pot, or ceramic, parts of a bathroom suite, that is to say the sink and the toilet, were often manufactured by one company. The bath, which is generally enamel coated steel or more often moulded acrylic often used to be bought in by the bathroom wholesaler from a different manufacturer. Thus they would order a four piece set of ceramics.

Here at SMR bathrooms we have a superb range of bathroom fittings and you can mix and match your ceramics with any of the baths that we stock. This can be especially useful if you have limited space and need a smaller than average bath, or if you want to install a freestanding bath or double ended bath.

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