Planning a wedding – the one thing you cannot do without

The excitement of a proposal and being part of a newly engaged couple is arguably the most enjoyable and tranquil time prior to the wedding. After this glorious period, this excitement can quickly give way to a host of decisions, stresses, organising and compromising in the build up to arranging your special day.

The bride to be may instantly think of looking for a dress to wear and choosing her bridesmaids and their colour scheme. The groom may think of his best man, the honeymoon or how to rein in his bride to be and her spending!However, whilst all of these things provide much to think about and it is important to make sure that you bask in the happiness of your engagement, there are a couple of things that should be established quickly when planning a wedding.

A budget and a timetable are all important. The couple should discuss this straight away as this will affect most of their other decisions. Setting a date and your budget might be the easy part, but sticking to it is another matter and so it is important to be realistic from the outset as to what you can reasonably afford to spend and when you will be able to afford this by.

The third thing that you cannot forget is the wedding rings. Without these, what is going to bind you together forever on the day? In the excitement of the engagement ring, it might be easy to overlook what kind of wedding rings you and your partner will wear but this requires some important consideration not least because you will be wearing them for the rest of your lives. Here at Marlows Diamonds, we have a wide range of wedding rings on offer including wedding ring sets so that they will complement each other and provide a symbol of the everlasting bond between you.

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