Raising funds for your charity

In fund raising for your charity you need to have not one but two basic objectives. The first of course is to increase the amount of money that the charity has to carry out its work; the second should be to raise people’s awareness of the issues which the charity is seeking to address. The greater public awareness is of the issues the more they are going to become involved where that is by further donations or by volunteering their own time to support the cause.

Whilst street collections are a popular way of raising money it is difficult to gauge the amount that is likely to be collected and consequently hard to forward plan for the charity.Over recent years one of the most sure fired ways of raising money has been by selling badges that promote the charity.You often see these on local shop counters and in supermarkets. As there is a specified donation requested in exchange for the charity badge the financial implications of cost to profit are easy to assess. By knowing the likely profit in advance then the charity is in a position to plan for future projects.

Here at Rocket Badge we have been producing charity badges for some years now and our clients have been delighted with both the quality of the badges and the revenue that has been raised. Of course should you decide that having badges to sell in order to raise funds is appropriate for your charity then you may well need assistance with the design of the badge. As you will be aware there are some charity badges that have become synonymous with the causes they represent such as the Pink Ribbon badges for breast cancer and the Marie Cure Fund daffodil. The right design can carry your message forward for all to see.

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