Why not offer a free house cleaning service on the sale of your home?

It is always extremely nice when moving home that on arrival all the house is clean and tidy, especially if it is quite literally ready for you to place your furniture and other belongings around the home where you want them and simply start to enjoy your new home.

However, with so much to do just organising your move, ensuring everything is packaged safely to avoid damage during transit, the last thing you really want to fuss about is house cleaning.Imagine just how good it would feel to move into that home knowing that it has been thoroughly cleaned by a professional house cleaner before you set foot in the home.

It could even be a bit of a selling point if you offered a free one-off, comprehensive house clean before your purchaser moved in or you could treat yourself and get your new house cleaned before you move in.
At Maid2Clean we have been providing house cleaning services in Coventry for many years using professional, experienced and above all, trusted house cleaners.

It is certainly something that is also worth considering if you are a landlord in the area. You could either arrange for house cleaning in Coventry to be undertaken before you advertise your property for re-let or again, offer a comprehensive house clean before your new tenant moves in.

There is of course, nothing stopping you offering the service on a regular basis and incorporating the cost into the rent.
House cleaning in Coventry is not expensive and the service offered could make quite a difference in helping to retain tenants.There is no need to enter into long term commitments but it is important that you are satisfied with the credentials of your house cleaners in Coventry so always ensure that they have adequate insurance in place.

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