Replacing BMX parts for repair and customisation

For the BMX rider who takes his or her bike seriously, regularly changing BMX parts can be as much a part of developing as a rider as practising stunts and manoeuvres. When adjustments do not achieve desired improvements in handling and performance, or when a part is obviously damaged, an experienced BMX rider will be keen to obtain a replacement part as soon as possible.

BMX however is not only about substituting BMX parts for components that are identical in brand and make, but also about customisation. A BMX rider will often be eager to try a particular brand of component. This could be as basic as a new set of pedals, or as fundamental as a new frame.
Customisation can also extend to improving the look of a bike. BMX parts come in a variety of colours, motifs and geometry, enabling a rider to create a unique aesthetic for his or her bike.
One of the reasons a BMX lends itself so easily to customisation is that there are fewer BMX parts per bike compared with the number of components on a standard bike.

There is, for example, only one gear on a BMX bike. This, and the fact that many new BMX parts are usually compatible with a whole host of other BMX parts, makes BMX maintenance relatively straightforward.A wise BMX rider, however, can seek expert advice before changing BMX parts. At Flywalk we are BMX enthusiasts who are happy to offer guidance for those considering changing any BMX parts, as well as stocking a wide range of parts at extremely competitive prices.

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